It’s been a while since I’ve drawn buildings, but I’ve had the urge, and so back to coffee shop corner doodling.


Bob Dylan

Congratulations Bob Dylan, the first singer song writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. There is one or more song that speaks directly to the heart and soul of each of us. Of late, Hurricane has been that song for me, reflecting all the pain and injustice I see and feel passing in my dear misguided country. Thank you Dylan, for all the words you have shared.

Oh Joanna

Joanna Newsom

A tour through my old Pacific Northwest! I would love to be home for a visit this week, and see the lovely and Joanna Newsom. I’m not sure if it is because I was introduced to her music when I lived in Portland, but her music to me is like a rainy morning, when you wake up far too early, the world is still sleeping, and your mind goes over too many things, still half stuck in the dreams you were having.

I think I’ll make myself a cup of tea, put on some Joanna, and make believe I’m at a live show.


le cancre


Le cancre

Jacques Prévert

Il dit non avec la tête
Mais il dit oui avec le cœur
Il dit oui à ce qu’il aime
Il dit non au professeur
Il est debout
On le questionne
Et tous les problèmes sont posés
Soudain le fou rire le prend
Et il efface tout
Les chiffres et les mots
Les dates et les noms
Les phrases et les pièges
Et malgré les menaces du maître
Sous les huées des enfants prodiges
Avec des craies de toutes les couleurs
Sur le tableau noir du malheur
Il dessine le visage du bonheur.

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