Migrant Mother’s

migrant mothers

This story is as old as human settlements, and the walls we build around them. Leaving a home infested with injustice, pain, or lack of opportunity, and seeking out a better future. This is the history of my own family, and whether or not the rest of America remembers(save any full Native Americans), it is their history as well.

I was fortunate when Lennyletter sent me this article to illustrate, Searching for a Mother’s Truth at the U.S.-Mexican Border. My own father’s efforts and sacrifice are always in mind while I paint and draw, humbly aware of my own privilege to pursue a career of my own design, in the arts none the less. During this project my father and his sibling’s journey was my companion and motivation, despite being overcome with emotions as The Dreamers program in the US came under attack. I could not think of a better moment for Alice Driver’s honest and humane interviews with migrant mothers at a shelter in Mexico.

Alice Driver is a truly inspiring writer in Mexico that is spending her time interviewing people from all over Latin America and sharing their stories. You can follow her work on her Instagram page driverwrites

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