Everyday Is A Choice


Eat Well

These were some of the most difficult years of my life. I have been trying to take responsibility to change what I can and leave what I cannot. I’ve been trying to make myself strong enough to handle the storms that come. Strong enough, also, to handle the meaningless daily hardships, which at my most fragile, are like roaring storms I cannot weather.  I still struggle through some days. I fall, I fail, and try to be kind with myself.

Depression has a real, perceivable, physical effect on the body. Similarly, how we treat our physical self has real, perceivable, emotional affects on our body. I cannot force myself to be happy, to be positive, or motivated. I can, however, actively do the things I know help me get back there. Some days I may be simply trying not to do more damage and some days I am fueling a fire, either way, eating clean, green, and balanced is how I tell myself that I am worth taking care of.

It is different for everyone, but it’s important to discern what you can do to be good to yourself. First because it’s good! Second, because when it comes from yourself, it also comes with self validation, and true self care.


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