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Black Days

Happy Sunday. Day 8 #inktober2017 #inktober #sketches #sketchbook #illustration #pentelbrushpen #micronpen A post shared by tara chavez illustration (@tchavez_illustration) on Oct 8, 2017 at 3:58pm PDT Inktober still going strong. Aside from some busy days where I only had time to draw on the metro, been posting daily. Follow along with me, and other illustrators for […]

Migrant Mother’s

This story is as old as human settlements, and the walls we build around them. Leaving a home infested with injustice, pain, or lack of opportunity, and seeking out a better future. This is the history of my own family, and whether or not the rest of America remembers(save any full Native Americans), it is their history as […]

Shakina Nayfack

Thank you LennyLetter for the assignment that introduced me to this gem, Shakina Nayfack. I could never imagine how difficult it must be transitioning. Nayfack crossed the globe for surgery and came back, not just a woman, but a woman who got on stage to sing and share her story with humor and guts. I am so impressed by […]

Woman Interupted

I enjoyed contributing a poster to the application released today, International Woman’s Day, which reads conversations and gives data on how many times women were interrupted in conversation. Manterruption! The app creators are collecting global data, help add to the research. You can find the application for download to your phone here, and see other posters […]