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Congratulations Bob Dylan, the first singer song writer to win the Nobel Prize in Literature. There is one or more song that speaks directly to the heart and soul of each of us. Of late, Hurricane has been that song for me, reflecting all the pain and injustice I see and feel passing in my dear […]

Oh Joanna

A tour through my old Pacific Northwest! I would love to be home for a visit this week, and see the lovely and Joanna Newsom. I’m not sure if it is because I was introduced to her music when I lived in Portland, but her music to me is like a rainy morning, when you […]

New Here

In memory of the late the poet, musician, and revolutionist. His work as a young beat poet, and precursor for rap, was powerful, unapologetic, and honest to the injustices of his age. I think of him often in our, still turbulent, racial divide in the United States. As a young minority, part of a loud and political generation, his […]